I am happy to say I had a great time over the holiday season.  Not only did I have all three of my sons in the house I also had wives and my two beautiful granddaughters.  It was noisy, messy and wonderful.  I also had the opportunity to do a little video work with my son Matthew.  We put together a new video introduction for my new website.  Check it out.


It was so great working with Matt; he lives in Pittsburgh and works for Carnage Melon University doing videography and animation.  I’m just starting with video this year so I always learn something new from him and it’s great to have him to call as a resource. 

The concept was to show a bit of my headshot process; getting ready, some shooting and some editing and review.  We didn’t use all of the preparation footage but I think it gave a nice feel for what I do before my client even steps into the studio and a little bit of the process.

Having my camera connected to the computer allows us to see the images in real time.  I have found it to be a great asset in coaching my clients and they love seeing it pop up on the computer.  We select images on the spot and everyone walks away confident that we have great images that we both love.