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I recommend Don to anyone I come across. He will help you to relax and to express the emotion that you’re looking for in a headshot. He takes the time to ensure that you’re happy with the photos that were taken and selecting the right photo. I was very pleased with the session and the whole experience was really fun. You really feel special, welcomed, and important.


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Reading Headshot Photographer | Don Carrick | Studio 413 Photography
Reading Headshot Photographer
Reading Headshot Photographer

Professional Headshots

You will make a lasting impression on your audience with a powerful, evocative headshot.
In today’s business world, simply focusing on selling your products and services doesn’t cut it – it’s about building relationships; you represent your brand. A quality, authentic, and professional headshot helps you make an impeccable first impression that expresses your brand to potential clients and employers – plus anyone else who might be scoping you out (ahem… your competition!). Whether you’re using your image on LinkedIn, in a trade magazine, or to promote a speaking engagement, it’s imperative that you represent yourself like the suave, sophisticated, and all-around smokin’ hot professional you know you are.

Reading Headshot Photographer

Corporate Headshots

Newsflash: Most clients see you and your employees before they ever speak to you, thanks to the almighty power of Google. Professionalism and trust are key factors in creating new business relationships, so let’s make sure your company’s headshots tell the right story. Not only will your team have a kickass, fun, and relaxed experience with me, I’ll support your company’s brand, visibility, and reputation with high-quality images that speak volumes. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of teams: from acting groups to law firms to automotive sales teams to financial agencies. Like pieces of a puzzle, everyone on your team (your greenest employee fresh out of college and your most seasoned veteran) has a unique place – and my images help show how they fit together as a whole.


Anywhere in the world; tomorrow, next year, or in five years. As your company continues to reach its goals for growth and development, I’ll be right there with you, bringing continuity and stability to your brand image.

Reading Headshot Photographer

Photographs for Entertainers

Take that casting director from “nope… no… no… YIKES…” to “YES, this is the person I’ve been looking for!” Emotions, feelings, and connecting are the stock and trade of performers and it’s what I love about them. Actors, models, musicians, and entertainers open up and share a bit of themselves with us. How cool and rare is that! My first order of business is to connect on a personal level with each person I photograph and develop a feeling of trust and respect. As an entertainer you are not one-dimensional, (I haven’t photographed any cartoon characters yet), so I help you showcase the breadth of character and range of emotions in a safe space. Not that fake stuff, real-deal emotions that will stop casting and booking agents in their tracks. I call it “stopping the scroll.”
Reading Headshot Photographer


You’ve worked hard to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, and now you find publications are reaching out to you to share your expertise. I can almost guarantee they will ask you for a photograph to accompany your article. Look like the leader you are. Providing a great portrait along with a headshot works to your advantage and could land you on the cover of that publication. This type of third-party endorsement and validation of your expertise is far more valuable than any advertising you might purchase. I almost always take a minute in the studio to take a few headshots along with any portrait I shoot; and a few portraits with every headshot session. No worries, I’ve got you covered.
I do shoot frequently on location but I also have a studio location.

Studio 413 Photography
35 N. 6th Street
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